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BC Hydro

Concept, Art Direction

Agency: Rethink

Home Renovation

The home renovation initiative offers rebates to customers who install energy-efficient upgrades into their home. To promote it, we gave all our ad space an energy efficient upgrade - from insulated TSA builds to banner ads of various dimensions. 

BC Hydro - Insulation TSA build

Above: YouTube pre-roll

Below left + bottom: Digital banners

Middle: Print TSA

Right: Pinterest

BC Hydro -  Digital banner 300x600
BC Hydro - Print TSA
BC Hydro -  Pinterest
BC Hydro -  Digital banner 728x90
BC Hydro -  Insulated TSA build

Winter Conservation


With winter comes higher energy bills, but it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. Spokesperson Dave is back to give the public some top energy-saving tips.

BC Hydro - Small appliances
BC Hydro - Heat pump
BC Hydro - DIY Experts