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The Godstone Brewers

Brand strategy, Branding, Design, Illustration, Copywriting.

Having a mother who co-owns a small brewery has it's perks. As well as enjoying plenty of beer, I've enjoyed giving the brand a complete overhaul, from developing their strategic identity to designing and creating their logo, bottle labels, pump clips, website, and event collateral. 

Here's how it plays out. 

A simple, honest brand essence.

Two brewers brewing beer in a barn. Without national ambitions, they enjoy sharing stories with their community.


A logo as a means of identification. 

No, this isn't a flashy, clever logo. But it's authentic, recognisable and encapsulates the friendly, face-to-face nature of the 'brand'. My strategy was to weave a sense of storytelling into every aspect of the brand, and the logo is no exception, adapted to build narrative with every brew (and hopefully gather a few smiles too).

Fun, distinctive bottle labels that stand out on-shelf

For every new beer they produce, comes a new story that has inspired it. From a real-life pirate who was shot and died in the first pub that took on their beer,  to a 'guard' dog who lives on the farm that they brew at, I've structured each label as though it were a segment in a graphic novel, with quirky, character-led illustrations and humorous copy (mostly courtesy of Jack Tanner). 

A website that continues the narrative. 

Built as though it were a comic strip itself, the website is story and illustration heavy, stripped back to give provenance to news updates and the online store.

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