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The Godstone Brewers

Concept, Art Direction, Design. 

Copywriter: Jack Tanner

Personal project

In 2014 my Mum founded a brewery in England with her business partner. 

Right from the days where they were brewing out of a farmyard shed, they had me take charge of the creative output. 


In the past few years I’ve designed and illustrated countless labels, pump clips and other collateral, building a brand that’s fun, friendly and true to it’s locality. I'm currently doing a complete re-brand (which you can see here). 

They're still brewing on a farm, but the beer has got more popular. The re-brand that's in progress still positions them as a local brewery, but should they scale up to a national level, this is how I imagined a campaign could manifest in a way that combines their storytelling values with a typical Godstone Brewers drinking experience.

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